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Sábados de Inmersión en Inglés en Barcelona - Agosto 

"BYOD" stands for Bring Your Own Device. With it, be it your iPad, Tablet or smartphone we will surf a range of Barcelona spots in English, to help us discover the places we plunge into and learn to TALK about them in Spanish

We at English Tutors also offer this live-learning system in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao, Sevilla, Pamplona, La Coruña, Zaragoza, Toledo and other capital cities in Spain, and in other European or worldwide cities occasionally. The URBANITE SATURDAY MEET-UPS for groups of 5 participants at the most with the same personal, professional or SPANISH language proficiency level. In these meetings, which run from 10:15 am to 4:45 pm, we engage in a series of activities like rambling, urbanite sightseeing, lunching, a good after-lunch coffee, news readings et al, in the target language.

📱 You can call or WhatsApp us on 2677743735


Two seminars: you can take one, or the two.

20 hours of direct contact with our coach, in Philaelphia in September, in the University City.


Course 1 - Monday 7 September to Saturday 12 September.

Course 2 - Monday 14 September to Saturday 19 September


Open seminar, you drop in from within an operation period of 4 hours, 6 days - That is 24 hours of service to you, for you to take 20. 

That gives you flexi time at the beginning and the end. Or, you come for the four hours, no extra charge, which would be 24 hours.

Ambitious syllabus, customised to your needs when we meet and fix them. Bring your own device, we'll use the Net to explore Philly in Spanish.


PRICE: US$ 199,00 for 20 hours VIP crash course, 5 participants maximum. 

VENUE, the Loews Hotel, as a base, the city as a classroom (subjet to any modification). Payment on site, in advance by paypal secure payment, or on site with a deposit to secure a place.

It is absolutely necessary that you book your place, for us to know about numbers (max 5 participants at a time - you may do 2 weeks though) and make sure nobody stays behind if we change schedule... You can call or WhatsApp us on 2677743735

... start really speaking Spanish when I cannot say a word in the language?

We at Español Total give time to people with no time so that they can speak Spanish once and for all. We design whole experiences for people. All understand that growth comes from experiences that are, simply, useful. And you make a progress at your pace, not being constraint by other people who you think they judge you for your weak ronunciation or whatever other reason.

... plan a fun and good holiday in Barcelona and learn Spanish at the same time?

Not only will we help you design your holiday customised to your needs and likes, but you will also enjoy a Total Immersion experience, holydaying in Spanish in the sunny Spain. The teacher will be one of your family or group, even if you come on your own.

... improve my spoken Spanish being too put off to interact with other mixed level learners?

As we have said before, at Español Total you make a progress at your pace, not being constraint by other people who you think they judge you for your weak ronunciation or whatever other reason.

Your time is fully optimized (30 minutes sessions twice/w minimum).

... learn Spanish from home in a fun way with my spouse and kids?

Invite one of our language coaches to breakfast with you in Spanish.

Get your family ready for a really Spanish Breakfast, and just pose your PC in my table place. On a click distance i just join you and in a funny and savoury 30 - 40 minutes session, you will be able to maintain and improve your Spanish. From Zero to Hero with a Torrija and a Café con leche in your hands.

.. make my kids learn the language?

Spanish is a hard bonne for your kids, is it? Like making them love greens?

We offer you our online fun "remedial" language clinics, where we concentrate on their syllabus problems and we solve them, That simple!

... learn the specific Spanish I need for my job?

We at our sessions concentrate entirely and exclusively on your needs.

No filling up the time with stupid considerations and grammar nonsense. It is obvious that grammar will not only be considered, but will be mastered, by way of talking it away all the time, like kids learn their language.

Using our coaching method and the outstading conversational skills of our coaches, we will look into the latest trends in your profession in short videos online at YouTube, professional pages, TED videos, Travel pages, Newspapers reports, etc.

... work on my Spanish when I am too busy and tressed out, and travelling all the time?

  1. With our system, you never move from where you are to practice your Spanish. You just meet your Tutor on Skype at the appointed time.
  2. You can even change day and time advising us 3 hours in advance by WhatsApp.
  3. You never ever lose a session, no matter in what continent you have woken up.
  4. The average time you miss sessions in an academy is 20%, and add to that up to an extra 10 % of non-planned events or happenings, and add to that your national holidays... so it would amount up to a 23% of the money paid which is wasted.
  5. When travelling around te country or the planet, just connect through your Tablet or mobile phone using a wifi network, and you just are on!!
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