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Fines de semana de inmersión en ingles profesional

You may as well start training your ear with this video, named as The Greatest Speech Ever Given... the Great Charles Chaplin is served, here is to you!

We also present you with this great lady, she suffers from Cerebral Palsy, but if she "can can", you "can can" too. There is an obvious difference between the videos... this is American English. Harder for you to understand as a learner of the English language. But that is what there is! Just keep training your ear!



This system at English Tutors runs for long immersion weekends in English, or Spanish for professional purposes. A series of activities are mingled in an intelligent way to make out of a natural use of the target language the successful rule. You produce whatever language rudiments you have inside your mental hard- disc and the setting gives you enough RAM memory and mental space to put it into practice, with a further increased memory in your brain disc so that you can take the input you receive from the language experts that will walk by your side through the period. Conversation is the main activity. Speak your weekend away.

We will also give some time to viewing some video material so that we can expose ourselves to the added difficulty of understanding language from films or documentaries and improve our listening comprehension skills. This, together with telephone language constitute an area in which we have to struggle a bit more than what is usual.

Our Programme includes 27 hours of direct language impact, giving special emphasis to the oral communication. Together with me, the team of instructors will include native teachers for both languages. Groups will be made homogenous after an arrival test given to every participant. We will consider the professional expertise of each individual and the level of proficiency of the participant on arrival. 

27 hours contact is the average student-teacher contact in a standard school of languages in a whole term - 10-week period. There is an added value due to the intensity of the process of learning and the little numbers of students in every group. The fact that the level of proficiency within a group is as homogeneous as we can manage, does also facilitate the learning success and it increases it in about a 20 %. We must also take into consideration that we reduce in a weekend the amount of missed sessions in a term in about 22 % due to illness, bank holidays and unforeseen events.

To this 27-hour contact the meal - times is added. Meals in the target language for a total of 9 hours, as well as the activities for a total of 10 hours, thus the direct contact with the target language amounts 45 hours in a long weekend. 

The Language Work includes Aural Language Sessions (aural = Listening and Speaking), Writing Workshops covering day-to-day office topics such as attending a phone call, writing an e-mail, social networks in the target language, etc. In addition Public Speaking, delivering Impromptu Speeches, and other workshops will be offered, as well as personalised tutoring so that you may leave your weekend-experience in Barcelona with a full strategy to maintain your level of the language for the year ahead of you, with a Personal Learning Environment system of Study using the Internet and optional Online Coaching by our tutors.

The Weekend program is carried out from 1 participant, and this this the strong commitment of English Tutors. It this hypothetical case, the learning experience would be 100% personal, for the same price. Until we compound an indeterminate number of groups with a maximum of 8 participants with a coach for each group. The tutors would rotate their sessions amongst the different groups, thus offering a linguistically high-diversity experience to the participants.

The Activities will include some among the following options:

  • a mini-cruise (optional) along the Barcelona coast line
  • a veranda cocktail
  • a beach night
  • a networking session
  • a film; or drama play (optional) in the target language
  • a VIP visit to the Sagrada Familia (included) led by expert and for our group only, avoiding mile-long queues
  • the Gothic Quarter
  • a visit to the Camp Nou (the Barcelona FC stadium -optional)
  • a visit to the Olympic City
  • the Gaudinisn Barcelona

To this social programme we may add a Shopping Afternoon, with an optional personal Shopper and a visit to the famous outlet shopping village La Roca Village (optional). At the feast day of Sant Jordi (St George's Day -23 April) the glamour of the street stalls for the feast of the book and the rose is added.


  • Language Sessions
  • Test upon arrival and progress tests
  • Aural examination after the period of one weekend
  • Teaching Materials
  • Full Board
  • Social Program
  • Transfer from and to the airport
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Academic Report and assessment
  • Group Photo

The payment is made via PayPal. A PayPal request will be sent to the participant upon receive of the completed registration request. A test will be conducted over the phone to assess the level of the language...

We suggest starting the experience on a Thursday night with a welcoming dinner party and carrying on across the weekend to Sunday Dinner (that is at lunch time, as we call dinner the main meal of the day, and that is at lunch time at weekends and feast days or holidays).


Make your reservation for 100 €, that are already part of te cost of the course. This amount is fully refundable when the course is cancelled and you receive the confirmation via email message on or before the Thursday previous to the Thursday we begin the course.



Los English Language Immersion Weekends para profesionales en 2020 de English Tutors by Jordi Picazo para participantes no residentes en Barcelona o Madrid tendrán lugar en un hotel acogedor, y los grupos de trabajo serán de 8 personas.

Como viene siendo habitual, comenzamos con el Thursday Dinner del penúltimo fin de semana desde January hasta July, para terminar con el Sunday Brunch.

El programa incluye 27 horas de trabajo directo con el inglés, potenciando especialmente la comunicación oral. Los instructores, bajo mi dirección serán yo mismo y otros lingüistas incluyendo nativos. Los grupos se homogeneizarán teniendo en cuenta sector profesional y / o nivel de inglés.

27 horas equivalen a las horas en una academia estándar en un trimestre. Hay un valor añadido por la intensidad y el grupo reducido así como la homogeneidad profesional de los participantes, que realza el resultado aumentando el efecto un 20 por ciento y eliminando el 22 por ciento aproximadamente de las clases perdidas en un trimestre por días festivos o imprevistos.

A estas 27 horas se les debe añadir las Meals in English por un total de 9 horas, así como las Activities por un total de 10 horas, por lo que la exposición directa al idioma asciende a unas 45 horas en un fin de semana.

El trabajo lingüístico incluye sesiones de Oral English Communication, Writing Workshops de temas de administración ordinaria en la empresa como atender una llamada telefónica, escribir un e-mail, las redes sociales en inglés etc. 

Además, realizaremos talleres de Public Speaking, delivering Impromptu Speeches, y una tutoría personalizada para elaborar con el Sistema de PLE (Personalized Learning Environment) un Archive de materiales accesibles desde Internet para practicar todo el año el Listening y el Speaking.

La actividad funciona desde con 1 persona; éste es el compromiso de English Tutors por lo que se haría individualizado al mismo precio, hasta formar grupos homogéneos de máximo 8 personas, cada cual con su coach asignado, y en sistema de rotación entre los grupos para ofrecer una mayor diversidad lingüística.

Las Activities incluirán algunas de las siguientes opciones:

  • un minicrucero (opcional) por la costa a cargo de un patron con su propio barco, colaborador de English Tutors, en inglés (él también es filólogo inglés además de MBA por ESADE
  • un veranda cocktail
  • una beach night
  • una networking session
  • película; u obra de teatro (opcional) en inglés
  • visita VIP de la Sagrada Familia (incluída) de la mano de un experto
  • el Barrio Gótico
  • visita al Camp Nou (opcional)
  • visita a la Villa Olímpica
  • la Barcelona de Gaudí 

Añadimos a esto una tarde de Shopping, con personal Shopper opcional y una visita también opcional al famoso outlet de primeras marcas La Roca Village (opcional). En Sant Jordi en abril se añade el encanto de la fiesta del Libro y la Rosa.


  • Clases
  • Evaluación inicial y de progreso
  • Examen Oral al final del Curso
  • Materiales
  • Pensión Completa
  • Completo Programa Social
  • Transfer desde el Aeropuerto
  • Certificado de Aprovechamiento del Curso
  • Informe Académico
  • Fotografía Final de Grupo

El Pago es por Paypal. Se enviará la solicitud cuando se solicite el Registro. Tras registrarse, se realizará una evaluación de diagnóstico por teléfono.

We suggest starting the experience on a Thursday night with a welcoming dinner party and carrying on across the weekend to Sunday Dinner (that is at lunch time, as we call dinner the main meal of the day, and that is at lunch time at weekends and feast days or holidays). 


Nombre/First Name*

Apellidos/Last name*

Gender/ Sexo*

Date Of Birth/Fecha de Nacimiento*

Highest Studies completed/Estudios completados de más alto nivel educativo*

Professional Job/Trabajo professional*

Dirección de correo electrónico/Email Address*

Mobile Phone nu. with country codes/Teléfono Móvil*



I have made a deposit for 100 €/He realizado el depósito por 100 €*

Coming with/Viajo con*

Description of partners/Tipo de Acompañantes*

State number of Partners and any requirements*

Transfer Requirements/Requisitos de recogida*



SUBTÍTULOS EN ESPAÑOL... Alisa Miller, head of Public Radio International, talks about why — though we want to know more about the world than ever — the US media is actually showing less. Eye-opening stats and graphs.




Jamila Lyiscott is a “tri-tongued orator;” in her powerful spoken-word essay “Broken English,” she celebrates — and challenges — the three distinct flavors of English she speaks with her friends, in the classroom and with her parents. As she explores the complicated history and present-day identity that each language represents, she unpacks what it means to be “articulate.”


Pues sí, resulta que tanto Benedict Cumberbatch como James Blunt fueron alumnos de la escuela donde Trabajé en Londres, Harrow School, la más famosa de UK junto a Eton College. Ahora la película en cartelera de Cumberbatch, protagonista también de la serie Sherlock, está nominada a 5 Globos de Oro: Descifrando Enigma". 

Alumnos que a los 14 años dan speeches a sus 750 compañeros como rutina habitual de la formación en oratoria, reunidos en el Gran Teatro de la escuela, o que aprenden griego con las versiones originales de la Eneida, o que se revientan a jugar a Rugby, Squash (por cierto se inventó en Harrow), tenis, golf, escalada, tours de Rugby por África, excursiones a Nepal etc.

No solamente James y Benedict, sino Churchill (di clase a un bisnieto de Sir Winston), el antiguo Rey Faisal de Irak, el Rey Hussein de Jordania, padre del actual, Abdullah.

A Hussein le llamaron cuando murió su padre y, después de ser coronado rey, volvió a Harrow a acabar sus estudios secundarios; o el actual Emir de Qatar, que andaba por los pasillos de Harrow School cuando estaba allí yo, Príncipe Tamim; así como Lord Byron, etc.

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